Sonnet – Mac mini Rackmount supports the hosting of Sonnet’s xMac mini Server PCIe rackmount kit.

From Sonnet: “An xMac mini Server combines the usefulness of the RackMac mini 1U rackmount enclosure for Mac mini Server computers with the functionality of the Echo Express Thunderbolt Expansion Chassis for PCIe Cards to enable you to transform a Mac mini with Thunderbolt technology from a simple server to something much more. Imagine the possibilities!”

For more information on the rackmount kit, visit

Some Xserve’s

Host your Xserve with CloudMac for only $80/mo.  This price includes the following:

$0 Setup Cost
Static IP Address
Remote Reboots via our managed power infrastructure
500GB bandwidth per month on a 1Gbps (1000Mbps) port
Month-to-Month term, no commitment

Your server will be hosted in our primary datacenter in Los Angeles (One Wilshire).

Booting the Xserve from the Boot Panel

It is possible to boot the Xserve from alternate boot volumes without using a keyboard or mouse.  Press and hold system identifier light button at start to select from the boot target.

The options we use most often are:

Light 1 (far right): Start up from system disk in CD drive (also, eject any disc in the optical drive).
Light 2: Start up from a network server (NetBoot).

When we receive new orders of Xserve’s, we deploy our default image using Deploy Studio

More information is available within the Apple Knowledge Base article TA26930.

Our video below shows more information on how this works in action.